StartupLab team participated in Sea4Value – Fairway project organized by DIMECC


The startup team was on hand to discuss the results of the sea4value Fairway project organised by DIMECC. There were lots of exciting and insightful progress made on the way forward to remote pilotage and autonomous maritime transport. Topics such as increased censorship, digitalisation, the inclusion of diverse stakeholders, the introduction of new processes, and the emergence of a complex system of systems were analysed and discussed. The participants and panelists discussed the challenges associated with these developments, the effect of change, and the impact on relevant stakeholders.

In keeping with the seminar’s theme, Ville Vakkuri gave a presentation on ECCOLA as a method for designing ethically aware maritime systems. As the maritime industry moves towards automation and remote pilotage, which may ultimately involve the use of technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), the need for the inclusion of ethics in the design and development of these systems was expressed. Ville analysed how ECCOLA can help address the significant demand for ethical design from government regulations, policies, standards, international organisations, and society. He also explained how having an ethical and modular tool like ECCOLA can aid the implementation of AI ethics in design for designers, product owners, companies buying AI systems, and consultants.

Overall, it was a good experience with a lot of inspiration for improving the future of autonomous maritime transport.

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