"Curiosity is the engine of achievement"

(Ken Robinson)

- so you are on the right track!


Powerful Growth Hacking Tips in Sixty Seconds

What is 60edu?

“60 edu” is a project that aims to help startups and newly established companies to gain knowledge on how they can quickly raise awareness and attract customers to the business – in just sixty seconds.

Time is the most valuable resource, so we do our best to use minimum of your time.

Here is one example of how content strategies can be used to grow your business -
in just 60 seconds!

There are so many other strategies you can learn in our 60edu community.

What is the reason behind it?

A lot of great ideas are invented every day. More and more businesses are appearing and try to enter the market. Why do some of them fail and some become successful? The statistics show that the majority of companies fail in the beginning due to low business visibility and lack of customers, even though their product is great. 

We are here to prevent this from happening to your business.

What can you expect to learn from us?

Only the good stuffs!

First of all – how to grow your business.
And how to do it rapidly.
How and where to reach your customers, as well as how to figure out who your customers are or should be – no matter in which industry you are going to operate: be it IT and SaaS, industrial automation and B2B sales or retail and e-commerce.

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