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The mission of Designlab is to bring design to the Academia in form of practical design and design thinking. Practical design is a mean to make design thinking understandable, because design is a practice, quality and a way to include meaning to human actions. The Academia benefits from design significantly at universities lacking art, design and engineering education and research. Therefore the University of Jyväskylä in Finland, one of the universities following the Humboldtian ideal of academic teaching and research, can get design, planning and related practices into the daily work through the activities of the Designlab.

Design is also a fundamental dimension in startup culture. After ideation, the startupper has to build a prototype of the service or product so that it is functional and understandable. Then s/he has to communicate the idea for investors and prospective partners. For a startupper, knowledge of design principles and a wide set of design skills are crucial. Startups are very design intensive: you have to create the idea, conceptualize the meaning and function of the solution, prototype and design, and then build an MVP, the minimum viable product. This is what the artists, designers and dramatists do, just like the startuppers every day.


Designlab participates the research programs of the Startuplab with a design intensive attitude. When researching and developing Smart City solutions, they have to be designed and communicated, because Smart City is about design and research for city life. When sketching a car, it certainly should be an electric one, meant for everyone, support active life and gain benefit from the arts, crafts and literature. Therefore design intensive research is multidisciplinary combining different research methods and domains.

Design as a discipline gives a human centric orientation to research through art, design, creativity, intuition and semiotic perspectives. Design has also an immense anchor in ethics. A product, service and solution gets its ethical DNA during the design process. Our Designlab is daily working with our AI ethics Lab.


The Designlab is a practical workshop for students of Information Technology Faculty. Also students from other faculties can participate our design workshops and classes. Students can use the Lab’s tools, materials, 3D printers and facilities during the courses when concepting, prototyping and finishing their project works. Also guidance and help is given by crafts(wo)men, artisans, architects and industrial designers. Students often make posters in size A1 or A0 as presentation material to communicate their innovations.

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Fuzzy Front End project, course 5 ECTS, TJTA2510

Workshops & Lectures (on demand)

  1. Design – Design principles for the Academia, Humboldtian Universities meet Design
  2. Design Thinking – Design practices for non-designers
  3. Concepting – How to create, sketch, prototype and design a product or service
  4. Saturday Design Walks – Upcoming sessions on Saturday mornings in Jyväskylä City, 10-12 AM
  5. Analyzing, sketching and designing the environment together



  1. Smart City vs. Classic City
  2. Electric car concept RodMobile